Wine Legend’s Vine Video Live will be back for another live web cast on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 3:00PM. We will be interviewing adult film star, turned wine producer, Savanna Samson who will be discussing her second release Sogno Due, 2004.

Sogno Due, which was made by Roberto Cipresso is from the southern Italian wine region of Campania and is made from the Falanghina grape.

As part of our web cast we will be having a blind tasting contest. (No one will be blindfolded, don’t worry! That is, unless you want to be!)

We will be selecting two contestants to join us on camera in a blind tasting of Sogno Due as well as two other Falanghina wines made by other producers.

Our contestants, after observing Carol Berman, Savanna and Mahesh Lekkala taste all three wines and discuss their characteristics, will be asked to taste the wines and see if they can guess which one is actually Sogno Due.

Each contestant who correctly guesses her wine, will receive a (non-alcoholic) gift from Savanna.

Any one who is interested in becoming a contestant, please E-mail us at We will be selecting two contestants at 2:30PM the day of the show. We will also be taking questions from our in-store audience, so please E-mail us your questions in advance, and we’ll randomly select a few!

Those who pre-order their Sogno Due on-line at, will be able to have Savanna sign their bottle the day of the show.

Please come by, meet Savanna and join us here at Wine Legend for Our next edition of Vine Video Live.

There’ll be a hot time, in this old town, on April 21!