Red Wines

Whether it comes to ice-cold cocktails or wines, we all have preferences when it comes to which libations we prefer to drink in hot weather.

Some of us cannot handle drinking a high in alcohol; tannic red wine during the hot summer months and naturally turn to other alternatives.

On this note, many people gravitate toward the great dry rosé wines, which always deliver in beating the heat. Some of us, who just can’t bear to stay away from our red wines, find that these are the perfect “stand-ins” as they are made from red grapes!

Just as wines have body and varying mouth feels (viscosity), so do cocktails. If you are a gin and tonic fan laced with loads of fresh lime, or a Caipirinha or Margherita fan you’ll probably be drawn to crisp, Sauvignon Blancs. California, New Zealand and the Loire Valley provide a zesty and fresh quaff, and are streamlined, so to speak, with clean and refreshing crispness, that hits the spot on hot summer days.


Sauvigon Blancs


Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Seifried Sauvignon Blanc 2005

Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Nobilo Icon Res Sauv Blanc 2006

Rudd Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Bogle Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Ferrari-carano Fume Blanc 2006

Flora Springs Soliloquy 2005

Cartlidge & Brown Sauv Blanc

Benziger Sauv Blanc

Pascal Jolivet Fume 2006

Pascal Jolivet Attitude Sauv Blanc 2006

Domaine Cherrier Sancere 2006

Pastou Sancerre Les Boucaults 2007

Lucien Crochet Sancerre 2006




Chateau Pavie Macquin Le Rose De Pavie Macquin 2007

Chateau Phelan Segur Le Rose De Phelan Segur Saint Estephe 2007

Muri Gries Lagrein Rosato 2007

Hundred Acre Pink Gold 2006

Mas De Gourgonnier Rose Les Baux De Provence 2007

Crios De Susana Balbo Rose Of Malbec 2007

Librandi Rosato 2007

Chateau De Pavie Le Rose De Pavie Saint Emilion 2007

Trinquevedal Tavel Rose 2007


Garage wine project from Andy Erikson and Anie Favia

Screaming Eagle’s wine maker is at it again, proving that great things do come from out of a garage!

Made by the incredible husband and wife team of Andy Erickson, (Staglin, Hartwell, Favia, Ovid, Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle and Arietta), and Anie Favia (viticulturist for Abreu and Screaming Eagle).

Leviathan California Red 2005

This decadent blend of Syrah (55%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Merlot (15%) and Cabernet Franc (5%) is definitely influenced by the Syrah in the blend. Black fruit and spice with very little new oak make it really pleasant right out of the gate!

Leviathan isn’t meant to be a long-aging wine, it is meant instead to be drunk within the next few years. This is a different approach for Erikson, whose past wine creations are definitely made for cellaring.

This exciting wine is destined to become another “cult wine.”

Get it while you can. Buy Leviathan California Red 2005.

Sogno Uno 2004

For all those who are waiting for Savanna Samson’s Sogno Uno 2004 since Nov 2005, ITS HERE!

The long-awaited Sogno Uno has finally arrived. Sogno Uno or the Dream one is the product of a collaboration between actress Savanna Samson and maverick winemaker Roberto Cipresso, has been the talk of the Italian wine world since it was first introduced a few months ago. Sogno Uno or "Dream One" is Ms. Samson’s first foray into the wine world. It is a blend of Cesanese with smaller amounts of Sangiovese and Montepulciano, made from grapes grown in Lazio. The front label reveals an image of Ms. Samson while the back label quotes from the second book of Virgil’s Georgics. The passage, one of the work’s most famous, describes an offering to Bacchus, god of wine.

Producer: Savanna Samson
Grape: Sangiovese
Region: Lazio
Wine Type: Red
Vintage: 2004
Quantity: 750 ml
Regular Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Robert Parker’s Rating: 91 Points

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1993 Casisano Colombaio Brunello Di Montalcino

Highly Rated Casisano Colombaio Brunello Di Montalcino 1993. A highly recommended brunello. This wine will sellout quickly.

Wine Spectator Rating: 92 Points (2001 vinatge rated, this one has to be rated)

A wine from one of the upcoming producers Casisano Colombaio. WineSpectator recently reviewed the 2001 brunello and rated 92 Points ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’. Buy as many as you can to drink now while waiting for your recent vintage brunello’s to mature. DON’T MISS THIS OPPURTUNITY!!!

Producer: Casisano Colombaio
Varietal: Sangiovese
Category: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Tuscany

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Regular Price: $39.99
| Sale Price: $29.99 (750ml)
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2001 Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino

Highly Rated Valdicava Brunello 2001. A must have Brunello in the 2001 vintage. This wine will sellout quickly.

Wine Spectator Rating: 98 Points
Wine Spectator Review: “Black in color with intense aromas of crushed berries and licorice with hints of oak. Full-bodied, with loads of fruit, velvety tannins and a long, long finish. Superb. Best after 2010.”

Winery: Valdicava
Varietal: Sangiovese
Category: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Tuscany

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Regular Price: $139.99
| Sale Price: $111.99 (750ml)
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Chateau Martinens Margaux 2000

The availability of this 2000 vintage is very limited.
Wine Spectator Rating: 91 Points
Tasting Notes: “Vibrant aromas of crushed berries and licorice. Full-bodied, with super well-integrated tannins and a long caressing finish. Very fine indeed”

Producer: Chateau Martinens
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Category: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Appellation: Margaux

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Regular Price: $34.99 | Sale Price: $27.99 (750ml)
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Red Wine

Enjoying a glass of red wine may help you hold on to your teeth. Red wine is good for your teeth, claim scientists from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. They say its polyphenols stave off diseases such as periodontitis which affect the gums and bone around the teeth.Periodontitis is a progressive disease of the gums and the bone that surrounds and supports teeth. The disease is caused by bacterial infection. The infection triggers an inflammatory response that is responsible for the gradual degradation of the bones holding teeth in place.

Results from a study conducted by Canadian researchers show the polyphenols in wine modify the immune response to bacteria. The wine inhibits the free radicals made by macrophages, a type of immune cell, and control intracellular proteins involved in their release.

Red wine, green tea, and fresh fruits have all been touted in recent years for their cancer and heart disease-fighting properties. These properties are all attributed to polyphenols.

Artadi Pagos Viejos 2003

With the score on the 2003 Vinas de Gain (93 RP) and the fact that all the grapes for Grandas Anadas and El Pison have been blended in, this is sure to be a huge winner. Buy this wine on presale before it gets reviewed.

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Savanna Samson
Sogno Uno

The lady shown here has an unusual pair of careers: porn star and winemaker. Savanna Samson, famous for her long career in the adult film industry, will be releasing a wine called Sogno Uno (Dream One) in February. We have seen this sort of stunt casting when it comes to celeb wines before but what is intriguing is that the wine has already been given 91 points by Robert Parker and will be available in restaurants in New York including the posh Restaurant Daniel. The new wine is a blend of 70% Cesanese, 20% Sangiovese and 10% Montepulciano and Samson did the tasting herself. The wine is expected to sell for $35-$40 and only 400 cases of the 2004 have been produced. There are plans to make a white Sogno Due (Dream Two) and a champagne in the future.

Sogno Uno Bottle

The release of the wine – at New York’s La Masseria restaurant – was initially due to coincide with the New Year but the launch has been put back due to problems with the label, which features an airbrushed picture of Samson posing in a see-through dress (similar to the image above).

The holdup is due to concern over whether or not she will be able to call the wine Vino de Tavola or simply Italian Red Wine as the grapes are sourced from different regions.

The actress, whose husband is a New York wine merchant, plans to make a white Sogno Due, or Dream Two, in the near future and is considering adding Champagne to the range.

Update(27th Feb 2006):
Sogno Uno will be available soon at a pice of $38/bottle.
“Sogno Uno will be introduced this week in Manhattan.”

If anyone is intrested in this wine, please leave a comment here and I shall followup when there is an update.

Update(6th April 2006):
We are expecting Sogno Uno in our store in may-june months.
I shall keep you all informed about its availability once we have it in our online wine store.

Update(18th Sep 2006):
Hi everyone, got some good news for you people waiting for this wine.
We have recieved this wine and is in store now.
Check this post for more details.

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Red Car Boxcar Pinot Noir 2004

This is a presale wine.
About this wine: The 2004 Boxcar Pinot Noir is expensive in taste but not in cost. Delicate and bursting with ripe cherries and plums, its juicy front palate has smooth elegant tannins on the finish. Produced from grapes harvested from eminent Russian River Valley vineyards, this is Red Car’s second select pinot noir. It is balanced with bright acid with an aromatic nose of cinnamon and cloves. Enjoy this affordable jewel now.

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Regular Price: $28.99 | Sale Price: $23.19
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