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“Bruno Giacosa…is a quiet and
dignified winemaking genius in Neive…
the least promotion-conscious
winemaker in Italy who prefers to
let his wines do the talking for him.”
— Robert M. Parker Jr.

The Giacosa family has been making wine in the Langhe region of Piedmont for three generations. Bruno Giacosa credits his winery’s success to his respect for traditional winemaking methods which enhance the characteristics of Piedmont’s varietals.

Bruno Giacosa wineyard

The Giacosa property covers 37 acres that are entirely cultivated to vines. The altitude of the estate, its ideal exposure (south/south-west), and the microclimate combine to create optimal winegrowing conditions. Giacosa makes wine not only with grapes from his property but also with grapes purchased from growers he has known for 30 years and trusts completely. In fact, he made his reputation as an outstanding selector of fruit.

In the vineyard, yields are kept intentionally low (less than 2.5 tons per acre) to concentrate the flavors in the fruit. The winemaking methods employed are scrupulous and traditional without ignoring the benefits of modern techniques.

About Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa Photograph

Bruno Giacosa was born in Neive in 1929. At the age of 13, he started to work for his father at the family’s winery and at the age of 20, he took over the family business with much passion and love.
A visionary pioneer, Giacosa was the first to produce the famous Roero Arneis which received official DOC status in 1985. In his continuous quest for something new and stimulating, he began production of Extra Brut Spumante, made from 100% pinot noir, regarded as the best spumante in Italy.
Although he identifies himself as a traditionalist, he does not ignore the continuing evolution of the winemaking field. He has adopted a number of modern techniques that have further enhanced the quality of his wines while maintaining their unique character.

One of his daughters, Bruna, is a significant presence in the family winery. Born in Alba, she got involved in the winery at a very young age with the same passion and enthusiasm for the wine as her father. Today, Giacosa is successfully managed by both Bruno and Bruna, with Bruna focusing her expertise on local and international marketing and public relations efforts.

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